System templates and customizations
Target Part numbers & Description
100801A2 mini PCIE, EP4CGX15 Fpga
Mini PCIe Fpga Port, basic version: 15KLE Fpga, up to 53 digital I/O with input, output, bi-directional, tri-state and open collector capabilities, 3.3V LVTTL standard, EP4CGX15BF14C7N FPGA: 14400LE, 540Kbits RAM, 3xPLL
The general purpose basic PCIe
Mini-GPIOBase - 1.2a
The general purpose basic PCIe I/O port Fpga system with many frequently used peripherals, such as PIO (Parallel I/O), FIFO (both in and out), UART, PWM, I2C, SPI and IOBUS (Simple and timing programmable I/O bus).